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Just checking in, recovering from a bad summer cold (thats what you get from setting the air conditioner to 69).  Got some cool new stuff for you guys to check out so stay tuned…

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Roku Vs Apple TV - Roku Is The Winner For Me!

Just read a Roku 2 XS Review over at www.rftechsvcs.com.  I’ve been debating for the longest time on the Roku Vs Apple TV, and after trying both, RFTechs was spot on.  For any of you that know me, you know I am a HUGE apple geek, and my Apple Eco-System is immaculate, lol.  However, the Apple TV just didnt provide me with enough features to keep me happy.  Air Play was ok, but very limited.

Air Parrot was fine, but I really dont have much that i’d want to stream from my iPhone to my big screen TV anyway.  Mike said that I would’ve been better off just Jailbreaking it but I decided that doing that would void the warranty, so its not something that I wanted to do.

All in all, the Roku was the best pick, and im definitely a proud cord cutter.  Have any of you tried out the Boxee?

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Hey everybody! To all of my readers sorry i’ve been absent.  I’m moving all of my content over here to Tumblr so please make sure you guys subscribe to my channel.  As usual, i’ll keep you all updated on the cool stuff that I find.

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